The Network Marketing System Taken From One Of The Most Successful Businesses In History

What is just as remarkable is the company is still number one in it’s industry today and it’s secret is still being used by the top network marketers for their mlm success.

It’s actually no secret that the McDonald’s franchise system is the reason for Ray Kroc’s unprecedented success and not the quality of his hamburgers.

His focus was not on his products (hamburgers), rather it was on a system that would bring in customers and turn them into cash.

Ray realized he could take Henry Ford’s idea of the assembly line and combine it with a duplication model that could be used to create an empire of hamburger producing franchises.

Instead of trying to compete selling hamburgers, he developed a system that would allow entrepreneurs to buy his franchise providing them with a way to make money, lots of it.

He realized the entrepreneurs real goal wouldn’t be to make quality hamburgers, but rather lots of money.

His system, (like the network marketing system I’ll show you) allowed people who knew nothing about the hamburger business, to also employ others with no experience in making hamburgers and achieve predictable profitable success every time.

This same idea is what the top networkers are utilizing today to achieve their mlm success. They are focusing on selling their prospects on a proven duplicatable network marketing system that will help them make more money faster and easier.

One that…

Will bring in a continues supply of prospects

Convert those prospects into paying customers

Sell those customers on joining their downline, all on autopilot 24/7. 365

Once Ray put his system into action it worked automatically to create the most successful fast food chain in the world.

I will show you how to build this most powerful network marketing system step by step so you can achieve mlm success automatically once in place.

By understanding that mlm success is not all about the product, but more importantly about developing a duplicatable network marketing system that helps you to maximize the amount of money you make in your business.

While at the same time demonstrating to your prospects (other network marketers) how they can achieve their mlm success (make more money) by joining your downline and following your proven system.

The first step is to determine what makes you the most money in your business, then figure out how to repeat that action as many times a day as possible. Start by listing all the activities that make up your day, then cross out any that aren’t actually producing you money directly.

I realize the list could be endless, from calling leads, placing adds, doing three ways with your downline, mail outs, processing product orders and applications etc.

Once you have compiled your list, ask yourself, out of all these activities, what actually makes me money? Processing product orders and applications is the only activity that actually does.

So your goal obviously is to maximize the amount of money you make, therefore this activity needs to dominate your time.

This is one of the key ingredients this network marketing system shows you: How to sponsor new distributors and process orders on a daily basis.

Leverage is key here, and to see the three essential things necessary that must be achieved on autopilot for your business to sky rocket look for my next article. To jump ahead and see the whole network marketing system revealed, simply click on the link in the resource box below.

Retail Marketing Strategy For Successful Businesses

Retail marketing plans, sales promotion thoughts, branding and advertising resources for retailers. Contests are an excellent retail marketing tactic for creating ‘buzz’ and increasing foot traffic to a retail store. You must be wondering how to improve your business, how to make your brand visible? From streaming video to Smart phone applications, a number of new technologies can thoroughly translate to sales, a Tube report points out.

Marketing is used to identify the customer, to keep the customer, and to satisfy the consumer. Participating in area actions not only helps promote brand awareness, it can also leave a vendor feeling good for giving something back to a supportive community. Usually the incentive is a valuable grand reward, but can also take the form of a small gift given just for entering.

Before taking your marketing plan you should know about the market trends. Text has briskly become the top-ranked mobile phone feature. The term marketing concept holds that achieving organizational objects depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. This helps us develop our customer base while giving something to the locals.

A retailer can create an entry form providing space for a contest entrant identity, address, phone number, e-mail address and mascot name suggestion. A very small business also requires advertisement now a day because no body will come to you unless you remind them of your existence.

Messages can include gift-giving reminders, competitions, coupons, special promotions/sales, in-store events and personal appearances. An orientation, in the marketing context, relates to a perception or behavior a firm holds towards its product or service, essentially concerning consumers and end-users.

It Takes an Ocean of Emotion to Have a Successful Business

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins

Stop for a moment and think about what type of energy is driving you to put another day into your business. Would you say your motivation’s coming from a painful thought – “I better make this sale so I can make payroll”, or based a pleasurable thought, “I can’t wait to satisfy my next customer. Be honest with yourself.

Think about a time in your life when you have been profoundly moved. Was it a personal experience, or a global happening? Remember when the Berlin wall came down, or, the first photographs of earth from space? Have you ever been at a birth? When I witnessed human birth for the first time it took me days to get my feet back on the ground. What gets stirred in you when you are deeply moved or inspired by the awesome penetration of life into your awareness is emotion.

Emotion is fuel. Powerful fuel. Anyone inhabiting a human body knows this. The range and nuance of human emotion is paradoxically both vast yet quite finite. I think all emotion can be boiled down into two essential categories – pleasure or pain. And depending on what’s driving you, you either head toward or away from what you want.

Painful emotions are real, and have an enormous impact on both the quality of your life in the present and your ability to take action and create the life you want. A memory of rejection for example may continually impact your ability to step forward with confidence. All painful emotions come from the past and are usually unconscious, influencing the way you think, feel and act. Ugh.

Pleasurable emotions on the other hand are great! There’s no need to analyze why or where they come from. Pleasurable emotion is what gives birth to your inspiration and empowers you to move forward, take action and see possibility. Falling in love, witnessing triumph over desperate odds – do you remember the photograph of the Chinese student stopping a tank in Tiananmen Square? We’ve all experienced the effect that positive emotion offers bringing with it the power to move mountains.

When you get right down to it its emotion, all emotion that acts as the primary driver of your entire experience. It ultimately determines your ability to take action and succeed or stay stuck where you don’t want to be. But here is the real key.

You have a choice. If you want to move forward, be successful, achieve greatness, or simply live fully in each moment, you must learn to master and use your emotion to your advantage. Tap into a memory that produces strong positive emotion, and you will connect with the energy of possibility. Learn to attune to inner cues and catch yourself when you are being ruled by painful emotion. Make it a habit to ask yourself throughout your day, what’s driving me right now? Pleasure or pain? Use the vast ocean of emotion to fuel your life in the direction of your dreams.

It’s YOUR life… imagine the possibilities!

The Six “Must-Have” Attributes of Successful Business Managers

There can be no doubt that the winners in business are those who break the rules and chart new, creative courses of action. I’ve seen it countless times as a CEO of major insurance companies and it’s good to know that rule-breaking is alive and well in business. Often, these trailblazers are running new, entrepreneurial businesses, but just as often they head some of the biggest names in business.

Think of Fred Smith, founder of FedEx, Steve Jobs, the guru of Apple, Inc., Bill Gates of Microsoft, or Richard Branson of the Virgin empire. Entrepreneurs like these are noted first and foremost for breaking the rules; for challenging the tradition that says, “You can’t do that.” Still, true maverick rule-breakers are too few on the American business scene.

If you want to join these successful business rule-breakers, you’ve got to start by thinking like they do. And that means you have to learn and practice that six character traits that they do.

The first sign of a rule-breaker is relentless curiosity. The man or woman who “cheats” on the old, outmoded rules of business is constantly asking questions and challenging the way things are done. They consistently question established procedures and mores. Just because a business has always done things a certain way is no reason why changing times and conditions call for new tactics.

Successful business managers often exhibit other attributes as well:

1. Willingness to adopt new perspectives whenever possible
2. Openness to try new things and to do old things differently
3. Compelling drive to act on ideas to test their true value
4. Eagerness to listen to others and profit from their input, regardless of who gets credit
5. Respect for and support of others when they propose new courses of action

Rule-breaking behavior requires an openness and willingness to look at the world in new ways. Rule-breakers know that new ideas need nurturing and support. But they know that thinking about a new idea is not enough. The true value of a good idea resides in its implementation. As management expert Peter Drucker declared, “Ideas are cheap and abundant. What is of value is the effective placement of these ideas into situations that develop into action.”

On the surface, rule-breaking doesn’t require any special skills. You don’t have to have an MBA from an Ivy League university. In fact, you don’t need a degree at all. But if it’s so easy to be a rule-breaker, and the potential for reward is so great, why, then, doesn’t everybody do it?

The Will to Cheat Is Hammered Out of Us

When we’re young, we’re much more apt to be rule-breakers for the simple reason that children don’t know any better. Children commonly exhibit the inclination to question why things are done the way they are. It’s natural. As soon as babies can talk, they ask, “Why?”

Schools only exacerbate the problem. The educational system is founded upon the pedagogy of answering questions, not asking them. Students are rewarded for the proper rote playback of answers, not their ability to question the reasons for the answers or, sometimes more important, the assumptions behind the questions. It’s no wonder that a child’s willingness to question and break rules is exorcised as if it were a troublesome evil spirit.

Rule-Breakers on the Fringes

We have to recognize that daring to think and do things differently exposes us to risks as well as rewards. But you know what? Even though you may risk the ridicule and tsk-tsk of your friends, teachers, parents, business associates, bosses, and an endless string of others; even though there is a risk that you’ll come up with a dumb idea for which you’ll be chastised; even though some may perceive you as a show-off or know-it-all; even though all of this may be true, when you finally succeed by doing things differently, the reward and personal satisfaction is so much better than the punishment, it’s not even a contest.

The only reason the downside exposure exists is simply to control you: to intimidate you so that you’ll be unwilling to be a rule-breaker and a creative thinker. The result? Many potential rule-breakers are afraid to engage in behavior that could potentially make waves. Instead, they lay low and avoid the possibility of future embarrassment and pain. The bottom line is that, even though we start out in life as rule-breakers and cheaters, most of us become timid feeders in a sea of conformity before we ever get our first job out of college.

Fortunately, even if one is not born a creative rule-breaker, you can acquire the talent, and it’s well worth learning and practicing. To develop and nurture this talent in yourself, you first must overcome the way your psyche has been bullied for so long and start asking questions. Has it always been done this way? Why? Is their a better way? To achieve real success in your life and career, it is essential to recondition yourself to challenge convention. I know that this is easy for me to say. I’ve made my millions, and I have little to lose now by rocking the boat. But I insist that you can do it too.