Why Lead Generation Is The Foundation Of A Successful Business

Would you like to know the best way to make money in your business? Well believe it or not, the best way to go about it is to generate a lead first, and then follow up on them with your full sales letter information. Why should you run your business this way? Well mainly because the more you follow up on a prospect, the more likely they are to buy your products from you.

So how should you actually go out and generate this lead? Well, it all starts with offering something for free. What kind of things can you offer for free? You could use a free report, free CD, free DVD, free newsletter, or even a free sample. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to marketing your products and services.

This is the best way to market your business. Because when you generate a lead, you’re setting yourself up to build relationships with members on your list. And if you didn’t already know, the money is in the list.

So let’s hypothetically assume that you’re running an ad and are attempting to generate a lead. Well if your ad is compelling and you have a strong call to action, you will definitely get some people to respond to your ad. And when they do so, you want to gather their name and address so that you can follow up on them with your sales presentation.

Make sure you state in your ad that there is a 24-hour recorded message that they can listen to and leave their contact information, and also include your website information also. The more options you have for people to respond, the more response you will get – simply because you’re offering more than one way to respond back to you.

Does this make sense? Hopefully it does, because it’s a million-dollar formula if you know how to master the art of following up on your prospects and generating a sale. This is what all successful business owners do when it comes to selling more and more of their products. And you can do the same thing too if you just follow the tips above to have more success.

Now when you’re following up on your prospects, you should know that you will have to mail out to them more than one time. Studies have shown that it takes an average of 3-7 times of contacting someone before they will finally buy from you. So you have to keep them in the sales funnel until 12 months are up, or if they simply tell you to stop contacting them.

I think 12 months is a fair number because if they’re unwilling to buy from you after a year of contacting them, I think it’s safe to say that they won’t buy from you at all. But with the 12 month time frame, you will more than likely improve upon your conversion rates, and achieve response rates like 5% to 8%… instead of the industry average of just 1%.

Hopefully you will use these tips to have the most success in your business. Generate a lead, and you will be good to go.

Good luck with making your marketing efforts work for you.

3 Steps to Guarantee Your Online Success Business

I have been in business for more than 20 years and spent some of those years working online.

And as a veteran businessman, I have only this to say. There are only 3 things you need to guarantee success in your online business and without them you are guaranteed to fail.

Yes, without 3 specific things you will fail and with them you CANNOT fail.

When I talk about success I don’t mean success to be just earning a few tens of thousands on one launch, I am talking about a continuous stream of income that provides you with the lifestyle you desire without sloughing long hours in a job you hate.

And before you start guessing, one is NOT “taking action” because that alone doesn’t really matter. Now before you bristle and argue, I’ve harped on taking quick, massive action so I am a BIG believer in it.

Unfortunately, one can take massive action and still fail miserably. True online success not only require action, it requires analysis, planning and most importantly, strategizing.

In fact, even without taking action and you will succeed as long as you embrace the 3 things; although I do think it would be very hard to succeed without that action.

So what are these 3 things you need?

They are what I call the 3 Pillars of Success.

Pillar 1: Getting lots of targeted traffic

Pillar 2: Getting good conversion rates

Pillar 3: Having enough good products

That’s it, that’s all it takes.

Not rocket science, not even some big new secret. Sure it sounds “obvious” and even idiotic in a “duh” sort of way but think about it…

The problem is that most people aren’t completely focused on them.

So ask yourself this. Have you achieved the success you really want?

If not then one or more of your Pillars are weak. If the only thing you did, the ONLY thing you did, was concentrate on making all 3 Pillars strong then you would be where you want to be and probably further.

So look from the view of the 3 Pillars and identify the weak points in your Pillars and start putting all you focus, creativity, energy and, yes, your action towards those weak points.

If you truly do that, and it isn’t as easy as it sounds, one year from now you will be in a much better place and the year after you’ll be even better and the year after…

10 Common Characteristics Of Successful Business People From Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach

It seems that some business people always seem to be prosperous and successful and are able to easily attract clients and more revenue? While other business people seem to struggle constantly and despite their hard work and sincere efforts, they do not prosper and are not successful. Did you ever wonder about why this is true? Could it be an attitude or mindset? Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach recalls from several past books, seminars and workshops that the attitude or mindset one has toward his or her business plays a very critical role in the level of success in that business.

So how can we describe this mindset, which is an intangible thing? Perhaps, if we think about some positive characteristics we see in those we consider to be prosperous and successful, we can develop a mental picture of the attitude or mindset of successful people. Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach offers the following list of ten (10) characteristics that are common among successful business people.

Successful business people:

+ recognize and accept the value of their business and themselves

+ define and trust what they believe is their purpose in business and life

+ visualize and focus on positive outcomes in their business and their life

+ maintain a work and personal life balance

+ develop and maintain a support system of people with similar mindsets

+ maintain a level of self-confidence about their business and personal plans and actions

+ maintain a keen awareness of their vision, mission and goals for their business and their life

+ seek outside advice

+ recognize and admit their limitations

+ exhibit their passion in what they do in their business and personal lives

Want a Successful Business? Commitment Required!

I hear so often from so many women how much they want to run their own business, to be an entrepreneur.

There is something about that sense of independence, that being your own boss and setting up your business around your lifestyle. What a wonderful feeling to know you have created something from the bottom up and your success shows through not just by you being a stronger and more autonomous woman but you’re making great income as well.

What’s not to love about that?

The sad piece is that this is not the reality for most women. Being an entrepreneur and running your own business, any kind of business is not for the faint of heart.

You hear people talk about all the pieces that are needed to get your business going, your website, blog, article writing, and on and on. And yes, those pieces are critical.

You also have heard me talk about knowing your “Why” before you even start. You must know ‘why’ you want to run your own business because when you get stuck and frustrated (and you will) you need to remember ‘why’ you are doing this. Maybe it’s more savings for your retirement or for travel or buying that 2nd home.

In addition to your ‘why’ is your commitment. Are you truly committed to doing all that it takes to make your business sing?

That means having a solid website, using your blog as a tool, religiously writing articles and submitting them to article banks. It means choosing a niche, knowing your Ideal Client and knowing your target audience.

Think about how you would like your business to look one year from now. What will it take for you to get there? What kinds of programs and services do you want to offer? How much money do you want to make? Write it all down with pen and paper. Be as clear as you can possibly be.

Now I want you to look at your business as it will be one year from now. How did you get there? How did you achieve all those successes? I hope you are thinking to yourself, I had my ‘team.’

You cannot possibly do all the things that need to be done by yourself. I know of no one who can do it all, and even if you could why would you? No one is an expert in everything.

If you are truly committed to having your own business this is one commitment you must make. At the very least you need a coach who can help you move forward powerfully and keep you accountable. You need a virtual assistant to do the things you don’t know how to do or want to do. Personally, I have no desire to learn how to do autoresponders or the shopping cart. You can hire people from $15 an hour and up to do these things. If you wish to use people outside of North America you can find help for $5 an hour.

Part of your making this commitment to yourself is to understand that there is a certain amount of financial commitment that needs to be made. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it needs to be available. Is it worth reworking your budget so you can get your business up and running and/or taking it to the next level of success? This is where you really need to think about your level of commitment.

This may sound like I am trying to talk you out of owning your own business. I am not. I just want you to know how important this piece is for your success. It means making a decision and then taking action on it.

I am proud and happy to say I have had my own business for almost 3 decades now and I can’t imagine my work life being any other way.