Urgencies – An Important Factor For Successful Business!

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the main key to success in almost any kind of business – whether online or offline.

Think back… How many times have you bought something out of impulse…feeling a sense of urgency to quickly grab the item off the shelf? What was the situation at that very moment when you made your decision to hand your hard earned money to the salesperson? Was it a limited time promotion?… Items running low on stocks or price going up soon for the item?

Look at how people rush for the mid and end of year sale, they don’t even mind “squeezing” themselves through thousands of others just to get something off at 10%-20% discount… because they know it’s time sensitive and items are limited during these campaigns and of course also the lower price!

Many of times were due to the sense of urgency that subconsciously force you to buy on impulse…without much thinking and having the fear of not being able to find the same bargain somewhere else or losing the opportunity on your limited edition goods.

The Ultimate Psychological Trigger!

Urgency motivates and get us into action even in our daily lives and accomplishment of task… “Be late again, you’ll be fired!”… You drag yourself out of bed just to be on time for your most dreaded task!…”This is a Final Reminder, please foot the bill of $XX.XX in next 3 days to avoid disruption of the service.” … This probably motivates you to quickly drop a check to settle off the bills. People fear consequences if a task is not accomplished by a given date or time. This literally forces almost anyone into taking action.

Humans are natural procrastinators. We tend to put things off (Especially if there is ample time or it’s not threatening), we give ourselves more time to consider before making a decision…”Hmm let me shop around to see if I could get better deals.” We start to make more comparisons… caused more confusions…then…either (A) We drop the idea (B) At last, something or someone persuaded us into making our final decision! Don’t ever let this happen to your Internet Business!

Just imagine what would happen to your business if this element is being used on your webpage? Wouldn’t it help convert sales better? Or well, you’ve heard of the importance of creating the sense of urgency on your sales page… You might have already done so, but no one has yet to give you a real solution to fully automate these elements needed on your sales page?Here is a real solution which Ive personally used on several of my websites. Application of what I’m gonna show you has resulted in 250%-300++% increase in sales! I have created this for my personal use initially.

You may think that creating urgencies on your sales page is merely spicing up your salescopy with some words that creates urgency. Yes, the right words and creation of such campaigns at the right time can definitely drive some good sales at your site, but tracking and updating these campaigns can be a real hassle!

Make Them Lose TRUST… Your Sales Will Plunge!

And You Face The Ugly Consequences!

Most Internet marketers would eventually leave their “dormant urgency” creations running on and on on their sales page and it never gets updated. “Price will increase after 12 midnight!” It never happens! (Too Overly Used)… “Closing Down Sale!”… “Clearance Sale!” It never happens and the same offers are still on when you return to the store years later. You may lose your credibility once visitors realized it’s all fake! Although you might not have the intention to fake it, probably just not in time to update your campaigns due to inability to track them in precise, but once your visitors (potential buyers) felt cheated, they will assume that the authenticity of your messages are deliberate and will never believe campaigns like this from you again… this may cause them to procrastinate on any offers from you in the future!

Removing Doubts In Their Mind

And Convert Them Into Buyers!

Ever doubted the salesman who verbally told you that the item is going out of stock soon and you will lose your opportunity if you don’t decide now?

The problem here is this, no one likes to be cheated or tricked into doing something. Once there is no proof – For instance, the facts & figures of demands of a commodity, certain extent of doubts might form in your potential buyers’ mind and that will cause procrastination on your offer.

3 Internet Marketing Strategies Every Successful Business Must Have

Starting an Internet business without a plan is fast way to guarantee failure. You will want to create an overall plan or strategy for your business as well as Internet marketing strategies for each part of your business. It is these strategies that will keep you focused and grounded and taking action to make things happen. In this article I will give you three key parts of your online business that you will need specific Internet marketing strategies for.


As you begin your business you should investigate the many traffic generation techniques and decide which one will get your main focus. Generating traffic is one of the biggest time consumers in an Internet business. You will need to study them all to find the method that suites you and your business the best. You can choose from pay per click, article marketing, search engine optimization, web 2.0 marketing and a host of other techniques.

Content Delivery;

How will you get your message to your market and your prospects? Will you use a static web site or a blog? Will you build a subscriber list as your main focus or as a supplement to your main web site. These are all strategies that you need to work through so that you can build your business blue print.


How will you make money in your Internet business? Believe it or not, many new Internet businesses begin with no plan of how they will make money from their business. This needs to be one of your primary Internet marketing strategies from the very beginning as you start putting it all together. Will you sell your own products and services or will you promote other peoples products as an affiliate? These are all questions that should be answered before you even start your business.

Build A Successful Business Online – Why Direct Response Web Marketing Works!

Direct Response Websites are designed to drive increased traffic to your site and generate sales. They have easy to follow navigation, use proven interactive techniques such as audio and email capture, have strong corporate branding and are constructed to improve your rankings on search engines (which translates into more visibility and more visitors to your site).

At The Web Success Team we aim to get results by creating direct response online campaigns with clear marketing objectives in mind. We will study your business needs and develop an online marketing plan that will drive traffic to your site.

We build in the necessary techniques to generate a “Most Desired Action.” Direct response websites focus on a defined target audience, create the intended mood from the start, and result in accomplishing at least one of three things: obtain a sale, schedule an appointment or collect a name and email address to be used for future outreach and sales opportunities. If you do not develop a comprehensive strategy for marketing your website, you cannot build a profitable online business. It’s imperative to drive thousands of visitors to your site, to then convert them to paying customers.

Since your prospective customers and clients are one click away from your direct competitors, your website needs to persuade them to stay and take the action that pays-off for YOU and your business.

With the right website you can turn visitors into buyers. You can change the way people think about your business. The interactive techniques we use will HUMANIZE your website, draw traffic, collect valuable marketing information and generate sales. The Internet is the most economical and effective way for businesses to communicate.

Your Success and the Mindset You Portray is a Mosaic of Your Life

I’ve always admired mosaics, for their beauty and talent required to create one, and because of their similarity to our lives. A mosaic is a number of proficiently broken pieces of colored glass or stone, specifically placed to create a well thought-out design, which may vary in color, design and function.

That’s exactly how your success, be it business success or personal success, shows up in your life. Whether you realize it or not, your every thought, impacts the mindset you function within and ultimately your success. Regular and similar thoughts impress your conscious mind, causing your behavior to align itself to those thoughts, resulting in a transformation of your beliefs.

Focusing on your success, ask yourself: “Have I designed a life mosaic I’m happy with?, Am I achieving real success that I desire in my life?, Is my life mosaic colorful and does it have a purpose?, Am I leading down a path that will assist me to achieve my goals?, Do I deserve more out of life than I am presently getting?”

If you are unhappy with your answers you need to spend time reflecting on the points below and focus on transforming the mindset to accomplish real success in your life – your future depends on it.

Let’s consider each facet of the mosaic and identify the essential elements to resolve if you are to achieve real success and ultimately live the life you deserve.

Change The Result By Changing The Mindset

Your thoughts are compared to the artist’s well thought-out design. What you think and pay attention to eventually creates the mindset within, and ultimately determines your reality. It’s therefore critical to make a conscious effort to only pay attention and give thought to those things you want to accomplish.

Determine what your true resolution in life is and the goals and dreams you aspire to. Then put the required energy into focusing your mindset on achieving them. Don’t be distracted by negative self-talk. Only pay attention to your intention – nothing else.

Your Success Requires Action

As with a mosaic, the specific placement of the tiles creates the chosen design, your specific actions will take you closer to your success, leading you to the life you have chosen to design. “A vision without action is just a dream. An action without a vision is merely a passing of time. But a vision with action can change the world.”

Are you prepared to change your world? Are you willing to take the essential actions to realize your success?

Your Real Success is Displayed in Your Masterpiece

Your final mosaic masterpiece is your results. Your final result and your real success is the realization of your primary thoughts into reality. By adopting an unwavering certainty that you will achieve your goals and by deciding to move one step closer to achieving these goals with every action you take, you strengthen your mindset and belief in yourself. Realize however, that real success will require you to get out of your comfort zone and to close all avenues that will not lead you to achieve your success. Leaving no alternatives on the table, forces you to make decisions that will facilitate you in achieving the life you desire – and deserve.

Ultimately, your success is determined by the mindset you create due to the nature of your thoughts, the actions and behavior you take as a consequence of this mindset and your certainty and definition of real success.

That said, ponder on your failures and evaluate the mindset and actions you assumed which led to the failure. Consider what you could have done differently to have achieved a better outcome. In all probability you will realize that the mindset you had led you to make incorrect decisions and take the wrong actions. Use failures as a lesson to maximizing your success.

Your life is therefore a mosaic of your failures, experiences and encounters. Make each design a masterpiece you are proud of and one that will guide you closer to your victory.