Seven Secrets of A Successful Business

What is the secret of a successful business? This question bothers many entrepreneurs. Sincerely, no one knows the exact formula that works for every business out there. However, some of the factors have proven to work so well that you can also use.

Seven Secrets of a Successful Business

1.) Clarity

The first thing before starting your business is to have a clear mind regarding all the aspects required. Have a clear vision of your business mission. Know exactly how you want it to be. Ask yourself, “What is it I want to accomplish for my customers and from my business?” If you have got clarity, then you’ll be working towards success.

2.) Persistence and Consistent Action

Successful business owners never give up. They always try new things. Because of continuously working in the same way by not giving up, they have made a difference between failing and succeeding. They always learn new technological changes.

3.) Constraints

Identify the limiting factors in your business and deal with them accordingly. By doing this, then you’ll have facilitated the chance of making your business successful.

4.) Courage

All your activities depend on your courage. It takes courage to take a risk in order to earn profits. It is the courage of taking the first step in starting a business that makes a difference. It is all about starting a new business without any guarantee of succeeding. You require courage in executing a new business idea even though you know there exists many challenges. A successful business is run by a courageous entrepreneur.

5.) Creativity

You should be a person who is able to find faster, better, cheaper and easier ways of running a business. This is essential because the success of any business involve innovations. The way you solve problems brings innovations. Always focus on the solution and not problems.

6.) Competence

You must deliver quality and acceptable services. Excellent performance and service delivery should be your primary objective. The right qualified employees in your business ensure competence. If your business is competent and it satisfies the needs of customers, then it has a good reputation. Reputation is build around the products and services delivered to customers.

7.) Concentration

Be single-minded about your business idea by sticking to it until you make it a successful business. Have a schedule that is well planned regarding the various tasks of business idea. This makes you to do things in an organized manner.

Success Takes Action By You!

People succeed everyday in business. It is a fact, everyday someone makes it big or seals the deal. Of course everyday people fail as well. Worse yet, everyday people get through the day just as they did yesterday, and the day before that. Being content with your life and what you have is a very noble quality. However, if you ask most of the people that do, if they want more out of life the answer would be, “Yes!” Their problem is not that they don’t want a better life; it is that they do not take the steps to get a better life. People who fail, at least tried, and more than likely will keep trying. People failing are one step closer to success. The missing common denominator between those that succeed and those that fail attempting success, is action. They both take action. People that just get through the day wishing for a better life are not taking action. They will never achieve success.

William Shakespeare once wrote that “action is eloquence.” He knew that people that wanted something used action to express their desires. Their action meant that they were serious and that they were determined. William took action by actually writing his stories. He did not just think about writing, he did it! A lot of successful people realized that action was the only route to success. Benjamin Franklin said that “well done is better than well said.” You can talk about doing something all day long, but doing it makes the point. Benjamin Franklin thought about things that were needed, like bifocals; instead of talking about how nice it would be to have to carry only one pair of glasses he invented bifocals, so he would not have to carry two pairs!

Action is the barrier, or the enabler, depending on your views for achieving success. When Julius Caesar announced, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” He had. He took action. He did not sit in a chair thinking about going places, seeing things and conquering. He did those things. He made things happen. Anyone not truly content has to make it happen for themselves. There are not a lot of people out there that want to help you succeed. No one is going to just hand it to you. Take a chance. Make a change. Take action. Make success.

The #1 Guaranteed Way to Have a Successful Business! – MAKE YOUR FORTUNE

Everyone is searching for the secret. The secret to success in their business. Most people think it will be because they have the best compensation plan. Some people think they are guaranteed wealth because of the product they are selling. Other’s assume it is because of the system they are using. Actually none of those things will be the reason you will reach your goal of financial freedom, although the correct compensation plan, product and system will help. My friend Mike Dillard says it best. “Take the best product in the world, dump it in your drive way, then wake up in the morning and check your bank account.” It will be at the same amount it was before because the product, compensation plan or your system will not sale your product for you. Your marketing will!

Marketing is the #1 guaranteed way to have a successful business. Knowing how to get people to your website to buy your product, and at the same time spending the least amount of time and money doing it will guarantee a successful business. But not just knowing how to market, you must be able to do it effectively. You must know how to get in front of your target audience and not only that, get them to take action and buy your product or join your team.

Two marketing methods that are very effective in getting the results you are looking for is Pay Per Click and video marketing. With Pay Per Click you can get in front of your target audience within minutes and be producing sells. But be careful, Pay Per Click marketing is a science and if you don’t take the time to learn what you are doing you can quickly lose your shirt. Video marketing is great because it’s free and people love watching videos. If you have a good message and the right presences and posture in your video people will take action.

You may have already known marketing was important but after reading my explanation you understand that it is not just important, it is the #1 key to a successful business. Just remember you can know how to market but still be doing it incorrectly. So get with the right system, people or training so you don’t have to go through the frustration of spending more than your making, like 97% of the people online right now are going through. I hope you received some value from this article. Take care and take action.

5 Things You’ve GOT to Have for a Successful Business!

Brian and I have been going to A LOT of events lately, and we continue to be reminded of important themes that need our attention in our business, no matter what stage you are in. Whether you are just starting out, or have been around awhile, there are a few things you need to make sure you are continually checking in with as you build and grow your business.

Below are 5 of the most important aspects that need to be clear, focused and well thought out for you to have continued success as a business owner (online and offline).

Got a business you love?

I’m not talking about a hobby or something “fun” to do on the side, I’m talking about a real business. A business that you take seriously, that you love and that helps a lot of people.

At the very least, this means you have…

  • Gotten clear about what you are truly passionate about and want to change in the world
  • Set aside specific office hours to not only fulfill client work, but do marketing and sales
  • Set boundaries with family and friends (and yourself!) so you can focus during these hours
  • You focus on profits, not just helping people.

Got a message your ideal clients understand?

This is one of the most challenging things for service-based business owners. What do I say about what I do?

It is essential that you…

  • Talk in the language of your ideal client, NOT industry lingo or jargon (whether that is in person, on your website, or in social media)
  • Talk about your clients’ struggles and deepest wants and desires…NOT your process and features of HOW you do what you do (again, online and off)
  • Resonate on an emotional level with your potential client first and foremost.

Got an offer that’s clear?

This is all about how you help people, how it’s packaged and confidently knowing exactly what you offer. This one is really a focus for your own clarity. When you are clear about the features and benefits you offer, you can then be clear about the transformation you offer your clients – and articulate it clearly.

This means you have…

  • Packages at different levels that require different investment levels and offer specific results
  • Well defined features of each package so you truly understand what someone will get out of working with you
  • A clear idea of how each of those features will bring value and benefit to your clients (this is what you talk about!)

Got a price point you can hold?

Whew…this is so often a real toughy! Most people we talk with are not charging enough or charging at a price point they can’t hold because they aren’t certain about their value.

Things you need to consider about your pricing:

  • Is it something that you are excited about and feel like you are getting paid what you are worth?
  • Does the pricing between your offering levels make sense considering how much personal time clients get with you and how fast they get results?
  • Are you charging what you are truly worth, or basing your prices to what others charge….(please, don’t base your prices on what others are charging!!)

Got a pipeline that’s consistent?

Here is another thing that can be a business killer or a business booster! You can’t just be sitting at home hoping you are going to get a call or an email from a brand new client. You need to get out and shake up the trees.

A few things that are essential for building your pipeline are:

  • Networking in your local community at least once a week
  • Speaking in front of your ideal client at least once a month, preferably twice a month (Note: if you are just starting, get out in front of anyone you can…Rotary, etc. so you can practice and build awareness about you and your business in your community)
  • Following up – it does no good to get out and meet all these great potential clients and referral sources if you don’t follow up with them afterward and arrange a time to talk. You can either invite them to have a strategy session, or you can just invite them to have a call to see how you can support each other.

These are the basics you will want to get clear in the beginning and continue to revisit again and again as your business grows.

Call To Action!

What comes up for you as you read over this list of “Got to Haves”? How are you doing in each of these areas? Do you have all 5 in place?

If not, begin to focus on the first one and work your way down the list. They all build on each other and are the foundation for your successful business.